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What will you find here? Ramblings from an aging gamer-miniature painter. When I first started out in this hobby computers were in their infancy and finding other gamers could only be done by going to conventions or as in my case bumping into somebody who happened to see me reading "Panzer Leader" on the school bus. Look how far we have come! The internet has allowed our small community to be able to connect on a level I never dreamed of when I was but a small lad. What I do hope you will find here is something interesting from one wargamer/miniature painter to another. I paint miniatures somewhat decently, so I will be posting some pictures of my work, and perhaps a review or two of games and/or miniatures. Most of all this is just about having fun and anything I post here is meant to be for that reason.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

daffodil's means it's Spring! Finally!

This post has absolutely nothing to do with my hobby of painting little tiny toy soldiers, but has everything to do with my other hobby, the garden. Finally Spring has poked it's wonderful head in the land of ice and snow and the trees are budding. Probably be another week before I can get outside to tend the garden but the daffodil's don't care, so without further ado here is a picture of my little beauties.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

AWI project rolls forward...

Well after a bit of cursing and gluing my fingers together a dozen times I finally assembled 18 figures for the start of my British for AWI. I bought the rule set Black Powder as I have heard good things about them and I want to have a change of pace from Ancients. I also bought the scenario book called Rebellion and it's pretty sweet. Excellent eye candy and a lot of good scenarios that have also given me ideas for my own. I have decided to do the Southern Campaign as there were only ever a few thousand troops in either armies and helps me keep my paint load down. Also I am trying to paint units that where involved in more than one battle to have some flexibility but will see how that works. First unit up for me will be the British 33rd Regiment. Trying to figure out uniforms and what kind of hats they wore and such things is going to be fun as there are conflicting accounts and I have seen the 33rd paintings/drawings with different head gear etc. I have decided to do my own thing, get them close, and have a little artistic license. For instance the drummer probably wore a floppy hat by this time, but that dam little bearskin is just to irresistible not to paint!!!

Friday, April 10, 2015

The British go to pieces.....

Well it was a hard choice, but the British AWI plastic figures from Perry Miniatures won my heart.... for now;)

Besides wanting to paint something more uniformed, I also wanted to keep the number of figures I needed to paint to a minimum. So the AWI Southern campaign is born. I hope I have the courage and discipline to give it a good go. The War of the Roses is also a favorite and probably would be much easier to paint, but I never do anything the easy way.

So without further ado I present the British, literally, going to pieces as I pile them on the work bench. It's going to be the 33rd Foot. Is it the right uniform, meaning hats, coats, etc. I have no idea, but hell they will be painted correctly!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Change of pace, can't decide...

Having a small crisis. I need to paint something with uniforms to take a break from painting, what seems to be, every figure needs to be different with Saga War bands.The only problem is my ADD has taken over and I've gone into analysis paralysis.

So it's either going to be War of the Roses, with all those cool looking liveries, or

American War of Independence except the colonials might be a pain in the wa - tose, or

Musket and Pike and paint up some of those cool Spanish.

Plus I've got a bunch of other stuff sitting on the shelf and, and, and.... ahhhhh!!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Carolingian Franks, more infantry and a War Banner

Well it's been a while since I posted last. Between the flu, and an assorted other projects, I just couldn't get myself to sit down and paint and write a little post. This post proves that I have finally done so and did a quickie paint job on a dozen foot to get my Frank Warband 90 percent complete. I think they make decent looking gaming figures, besides now a days I can't see arms length away anyways and it's a miracle if I actually face them in the right direction!

Banner and shield transfers from Little big men.

Remember you can right click on the pics to see larger images. Thanks for looking.