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What will you find here? Ramblings from an aging gamer-miniature painter. When I first started out in this hobby computers were in their infancy and finding other gamers could only be done by going to conventions or as in my case bumping into somebody who happened to see me reading "Panzer Leader" on the school bus. Look how far we have come! The internet has allowed our small community to be able to connect on a level I never dreamed of when I was but a small lad. What I do hope you will find here is something interesting from one wargamer/miniature painter to another. I paint miniatures somewhat decently, so I will be posting some pictures of my work, and perhaps a review or two of games and/or miniatures. Most of all this is just about having fun and anything I post here is meant to be for that reason.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Infinity: Terrain review "Antenocitis Workshop's" Asian Garden sets 1 & 2

Painting miniatures is only half of our work, the other half is collecting nice terrain pieces that help enhance the aesthetic value of our miniatures.

So as my Infinity forces slowly grow it was time for me to start the process of collecting said items. Now one can scratch build their own (I don't have the motivation nor the time to put into this though there are many talented people out there you could probably hire as mercenaries to do this for you.), buy pre-painted buildings (expensive), buy pre-painted MDF (cheaper, but painted stuff can still be up there in price, AND some of this still has to be put together), or you can buy MDF kits that you have to assemble and paint yourself. My choice lies somewhere in the middle, and having a new airbrush will certainly help me in this (I hope). 

Couple of kits I picked up are from Antenocitis Workshop, called Asian Garden Set 1, and Asian Garden Set 2. Both come pre-painted, but when you really think about it, is one color considered pre-painted? Any ways these were nice little kits. Assembly was not hard, just tedious. Also some of the parts are delicate so require care in removing from sprues (sharp razor knife) and handling. 

Set 1 comes with 4 small planters, 2 large planters, 1 Tori planter, and 4 light booths. It also comes with some flocking to help you make the planters, well, look like planters. Lastly it comes with white paper for you to cut out and use on your light booths/boxes. I recommend using a glue stick to adhere the paper to the light boxes as it's less messy and you won't have the paper absorbing the glue. 

Set 2 comes with 4 table & bench sets, plus 4 separate benches. These were easy to assemble as well but just remember the bit about razor knife and removing from sprue. As I was gluing the support structure between the legs I added just a bit to much pressure squeezing them together and it snapped. Fortunately I was able to mend it, and lesson learned. 

I still have three bloody light booths to put together, but I ran out of patience and decided to paint some figures instead. I'll return to them on another day.

Here is a shot of everything and the Planter boxes done.

In summary I recommend these little bits of scatter terrain and I think they will do nicely not only in my Infinity games but also will find use in my Samurai games.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Saga "The Crescent & The Cross": The Battle of Seville (scenario played "Captured!")

My name is Isa ibn Shuhayd and I am a hajib (chief-minister) of Cordoba. As I am getting older I have decided it important to leave behind a detailed description about my part (in the great campaign) in commanding the armies of His Highness the Emir Abd ar-Rahman II in the hihri year 230 (for you Christians your Georgian calendar has this at 844).

Around August reports had reached His Highness the Emir Add ar-Rahman II that the Majus (‘Fire-worshipper’ or known by Christians as Norseman or “man from the North”) with a great many ships had raided and taken the city of Lisbon. They soon left after several weeks of fighting and plundering sailing further south raiding the town of Cadiz, Medina Sidonia, and Algeciras on the Mediterranean coast.

Then in late September the Majus sailed up the Guadalquivir and set up a base on a defensible island on the Guadalquivir marshes near Seville. Local forces fought against the Majus but were defeated. The Majus then laid siege to Seville in early October and after heavy fighting the Majus took the city by storm except for the Citadel which remained in our hands. The Majus showed no mercy to the inhabitants and they suffered extremely at the Majus hands. No quarter was given and the town was left in ruins.

His Highness upon hearing of the fall of Seville summoned me to command his armies and crush the infidel that has defiled our holy land. Quickly raising an Army and gathering in Cordoba I marched the Army towards Seville in early November. Upon reaching our destination I set up my headquarters on a commanding hill not far from Seville.

Several battles were fought with neither side gaining an advantage, but in the middle of November a great battle occurred and our forces where victorious! We killed up to a thousand of the Majus and burned over 30 of their ships using our catapults launching our greek fire bombs. In addition we captured their leader as well as 400 other prisoner’s that we promptly hanged from the palm trees of Talyata!

The Majus retreated in what was left of their ships down the Guadalquivir, or so we thought. I prepared to take their captive leader back to Cordoba to present him to His Highness as a gift and symbol of our great victory.

With a small guard of soldiers I began the march toward Cordoba when word reached me that those devils had doubled back in the night and got ahead of us on the Guadalquivir in an attempt to rescue their now captive leader.

Battle lines were drawn and the leaderless Majus advanced to do battle once more…….

Captured! (A Crescent & The Cross scenario)

My friend Mark came over the other day and we played this scenario for the first time. It was also the first time we played a battle board from C&C as well! As I have mentioned in a recent blog post my very good friend Skip painted a Moor Army up for me and when I received it in the mail I immediately placed them on bases and flocked them up etc. So I was very excited to battle with them for the first time. I chose not to use the Naffata option, but instead wanted to try using war banners. Though they spruce up your army and make it a bit more colorful I don't think I will take as many next time. But onward to a quick AAR of what happened in our 6 point game.

1 X 4 man Hearthguard unit (Berserkers) 
4 X 6 man Warrior units
1 X 8 man Warrior unit
1 X 12 man levy (bow)

1 X Isa ibn Shuhayd mounted in all his glory (Warlord)
1 X 4 mounted Hearthguard (Javelin armed, so reduced armor in melee)
1 X 12 man Warrior unit (with War Banner)
2 X 10 man Warrior units (both with War Banner)
1 X 12 man levy (bow)

For terrain placement my Viking opponent elected to only choose one piece (which ended up being a large hill), and I selected two large woods and a large crop field. We had to stay outside of M (6 inches) from the road that ran across the center of the table. We diced off for the possibility of moving or removing a terrain piece and I was able to move his hill M, and he selected one of my woods and successfully removed it.

After placing terrain Mark won the roll to pick sides and chose to be the rescuers (and happy he did, otherwise my whole story line would have been whacked;)), his choice to select which side of table to be on though had me scratching my head a bit. But never try to get inside the head of a Viking player, it is a very scary place to be. After seeing my deployment he spread his troops across the table as he did not know where I was going to place his captured Warlord. He had also divided up his figures so he could roll six saga dice. 

As the scenario states I have to take 2 hearthguard from a unit and form them up as a unit with the enemies warlord as guards. These act as a unit and do not generate saga dice, nor melee or shooting dice. But the unit you take them from is allowed to go below the minimum of the required 4 man unit rule. You place this unit as the last unit placed. 

Here is the setup [clicking on pictures make them bigger]:

The end of the Viking turn one saw the viking player do what vikings like to do most, advance to contact! His archer's let fly a volley but this was ineffective.
The end of the Moor turn one, had the Moors cautiously advancing. I made a point to stay just outside of L (12 inches) from his crazy Amazon berzerker ladies. This troop type along with one of his abilities of being able to re roll his missed hits always messes with my brain. I fear them even if I say out loud to him I don't;)

Here are a few shots of what the Moors see at the end of the first round:

Moor left flank

The end of the Moor infantry line on right flank (Levy Archers out of picture)

The beginning of Viking turn two was a sight to behold! Instead of quickly moving troops to their right flank the Vikings went bat shit crazy and charged! I believe the Viking player thought he could wipe out my warrior unit on my right flank and begin to turn my right flank in hopes if I tried to dash his captured Warlord off the table his Berzerkers would hold until the might of his army could roll me up.

Unfortunately that is not how it went down. His archers tried to soften up my warriors on the right flank with several volleys, but in the end I only took one causality. The Viking player then smacked my now nine man warrior unit with his 8 man warrior unit on the flank. These mighty warriors must have been his veterans because their approach gave them a tactically advantage in that he got his full 8 warriors in where I could only get 6 (he hit them from the flank). He caused many hits but I was a saving machine and four men went down. The opposite was true for him, I caused five hits and he saved only one. A tie so he had to bounce back S (4 inches). But he wasn't done yet. With a fatigue token from my just fought battle he launched his 6 man warrior unit into my now five man warrior unit (but only four can fight because one is a banner man). Here is a shot just before the roll off:
Once more he had the advantage in 6 dice to my 4 dice. He used my fatigue to lower me to a 3 armor factor and I was sure I was a gone'er. Except! Again I was a saving machine and I lost only two figures (choosing my banner man to go), my four dice back all caused hits and again he only saved one. Allah was truly blessing us in our battle today! The Moor right had held! Each of us losing seven figures, it was a very bloody beginning indeed!

The end of Viking turn 2:
The main show, results at the end of viking two
Same picture of scene different angle
Viking positions at end of their turn 2

The end of the Moor turn two had the Moors seeing if they could take advantage of this situation and perhaps cause the Viking player to lose a Saga die by destroying one of his units. The Moor archers fired twice on his once 8 man unit that had been reduced to four but could not finish them off causing only two causalities. So the Moor commander took a chance and sent in his three surviving warriors who had bared the previous onslaught and shouted out "Allahu Akbar" and drove home a spirited attack. Once more the Moor dice where hot, and the Viking cold. The once 8 man warrior unit was wiped out causing two units within S (4 inches) to take a fatigue each. The Viking player whiffed on his attack rolls and the 3 victorious Moors rejoiced in their good fortune!

The end of Viking turn three the Viking player only having 5 Saga dice had a bad roll. He tried shooting up my 12 man warrior unit but in the end only caused one casualty. He brought his Berzerkers forward and left some dice on the board to deal with my expected attack.

The end of Moor turn three The only way the Raider player (Moors) can win this scenario is by getting the captured Warlord off the enemies side of the table. I sensed weakness in the Viking positions and knew what I had to do. Time to clear a path so the prisoner could be galloped off the board. But lady luck started to swing those early good dice throws the Moors where having and started to balance them out with my sudden below average rolls. 

I began the Moor turn 3 by once more turning to my three left over warriors and engaging his 3 man warrior unit. Why not, if I could eliminate them he would be down to four Saga dice, and so far these boys had been unstoppable. So I rolled in only to get smacked up the side of the head by Viking stubbornness. I lost a figure and they stood rock solid making all their saving throws. So I turned my attention to those Viking Levy archers and crashed into them with my 11 man warrior unit in hopes that I could wipe them out or at least bleed them really good. Now with a banner man I end up only rolling ten dice, and I did pretty well slicing up a good portion of those pesky levy and took down 6 while only losing two. I then took my 2 man mounted hearthguard unit and tried to roll with lady luck and finish them off, but I was only able to take 2 more though I didn't lose any. I then took my far left 10 man warrior unit and hit his 6 man warrior unit on his far right and took out four losing two. But now I was exposed to a counter attack on his turn four. Nail biting time..,.

The end of Viking turn 4 Still only rolling 5 Saga dice and with few options left to him with his troops out of position he set up his board to for use on my turn. But then the most bazaar thing happened. He fired his four archers into my 2 man mounted hearthguard. Only two dice, but I used his fatigue to raise my armor to 5. Of course he rolls five and six, and of course I fail my armor saves and poof! Suddenly I am down to rolling five Saga dice.

The end of Moor turn 4 and Victory! But a near run thing just the same. I still needed to clear a path and make room to gallop the enemy Warlord off the table. Only rolling 5 Saga dice of course I rolled like poop, but I had a plan. My once 12 man unit down to 9 (only 8 dice because of banner man) crashed into his Berzerkers hoping I could take them all out. He completely wiped me out of course with his re-roll misses ability used and I barely succeeded in cutting down those mushroom tripping Amazon crazy women (that's what he uses for his berzerkers). Now it was time to turn my attention to the last warrior unit he had on his far right. Two stinking warriors between me and galloping his captured warlord off the table. He had backed them up but still had a fatigue on them. This is an eight turn game but I was like this has to happen now! So I launched my Warlord that had the distance thinking I can take these guys out with five dice, and using his fatigue I sent my Warlord's armor up to 6. Yes! No way with two dice he can touch me. If there had not been a witness there, watching us play you would have thought I was making this stuff up. The bastard rolled double 6's!!!! Aaaaaggghhhhh!!! A cheer went up from the other side! Our visitor and my opponent were ready for high five fever!!! It was hopefully to be a great morale victory even if their Warlord was carried off. With baited breath they waited my save roll.... YES! I rolled one save thus securing a total victory without being told for the next 20 years, "yes you won... but", Lol, they really would do that to me. I was then able to gallop his Warlord off the table and then end the game.

Mark is a very aggressive player and the Vikings fit his play style very well, that said after playing this one for the first time we both would play this one different the next time.  Not knowing if you will win the roll to go first or not is a big factor in placing terrain. I think both players should pick the max terrain per the Crescent & Cross rules. Then selecting who is the Raider or Rescuer would depend on one's army, and this will go hand in hand in how terrain was placed.

I learned quite a bit on how the Moor battle board works and definitely won't be going with three War Banners in future, though I probably will place them out just because they look cool (but not count them as War Banners). I liked how they played and after playing I got a better idea of the combinations I need to use on their battle board.

I have to say I found this to be a very interesting scenario and I give this one a solid A in my book. I will be playing this one again for sure in the future. If you haven't played it, please give it a try.


Friday, April 14, 2017

Infinity: Combined Army Sectorial | Onyx: Unidron Batroids

A few friends and I have taken on the world of Infinity and so far we like it. It's a skirmish type game with low troop count, but man do these boys pack some weapons. I've painted a few here for a friend and I have about 9 more to go, so that he will have an army to play with. As you can tell by the photo's he's all anything Alien, Predator, Terminator type stuff. So when he saw these boys he jumped right on the band wagon.

Here are the first three I've done for them. They are basic type troops armed with a Plasma Carabin, and enough to get him started out.

[clicking on the pics makes them bigger]
Thanks for looking

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Moor Warlord see's the world and then returns home!

Well a little while back I painted up this super cool Warlord base for my very good friend's Moor Army. Well skip forward in time and after having a great time at a miniature convention with said friend I mentioned how cool it would be to finally get myself invested with a Muslim type army from Crescent & Cross. The next thing I know my friend says he got this great deal on some unpainted figures from Perry's and wanted to know what Army I would like. I was like, oh probably Moors, and he said okay I'll paint them up for you. So I am like okay what would you like in return (me thinking I have to give away my first born.... hey I can do that!!!) and he's like no I'll just paint it up and send it to you (crap I thought, I almost got rid of my first born>:<)!.

You can image what passed through my head at that moment. Hello? Who is this really on the other end of this phone call I ask???

Well like two weeks later I've got this Army in the mail which I must say is super sweet and something I will cherish always! But you may ask, what does this have to do with the title of this thread. Well everything!

You see after a long journey down to the deep south of the US of A, it seems the Moorish Army down there already had their own Warlord, so after a few months spent on a vacation away from battle instead, said Warlord has made it all the way back to me!

Unfortunately it got a little crunched on the way back to me. I had to replace the flag, and do a few touch ups with taking care of some chips. I also finished the flocking on the base which I had left plain so my friend could match it to his army.

Well without further yammering on my part here is the Moor Warlord on his finished base (finally!!!)

[clicking on pictures will make them bigger]

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Showcase: Kirk "The Viking" Douglas finished!!!

Yes! It always feels good to finish a project, and this one was fun. If you read my other postings then you'll know that this special Gripping Beast (limited edition from what I hear) of Kirk Douglas was given to me as a gift by a friend. Kirk Douglas turned 100 years old this past December 2016 and what better way to give tribute to this actor than with a little vignette of him in his starring role in the movie "Vikings" from 1958.

On Kirk's helmet is a little dragon, and I knew I needed to make sure I had a banner that was worthy of him. Well I didn't have to wait long for inspiration, because if your like me, you buy all sorts of Hobby magazines and I came across a beautiful flag that was hand painted by a gentleman named Alberto Mateos who was featured in "Painting War, season 1, issue 7". God I wish I could hand paint flags like this guy. His flag had a few different features and I just went for a basic scheme with the Dragon head on both sides of the flag. This fit perfectly I thought with Kirk's helmet and complimented it quite well I think.

So I hope you enjoy what I came up with and here are the pictures.

[clicking on the pictures will make them bigger]

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Dark Knight (The Batman Miniatures game)

I've put my Kirk Douglas figure on hold for right now. Why? Because I ordered a special flag from a company that custom makes them. I am hoping the flag comes out like I envision it, but I'll know in a couple of days as it's in the mail.

In the meantime I've gotten sucked into the "Batman Miniature game". I've been going gaga over Batman of late, have no idea why. I've been watching all the Dark Knight movies and when I am done, I start watching them again. I've even included Batman VS Superman, and Suicide Squad.

So last week I got a package in the mail for the new Suicide Squad batman game and at a convention a week or two before I got the package I bought the Dark Knight himself. Now I only have to get Bane, and the Joker (Heath Ledger as he is, in my opinion, the best Joker so far).

So here a few shots of my Dark Knight. I tried blending the colors making my own glazes, but it only kind of worked, but it's good enough for the game table, so have a peek and see what you think.

 As always thanks for looking.


Thursday, March 23, 2017

WIP: Saga Kirk Douglas figure

Work on my Kirk Douglas figure from Gripping Beast (from the movie "The Vikings" from 1958) is coming along nicely. I had to stop as I was searching for some nice shield transfers and since I only needed two I didn't want to order a bunch from Little Big Men, so I arranged a trade with one of my Saga buddies. Working on the shields and I am thinking about the banner I want to make, so I am in no hurry to finish this until I have it right, but in meantime this is what I have done so far.

[above a black and white from the movie]

[above done figure with start of basing material]
[above just waiting for shields and standard]

Not the greatest photo's as it's not done so I didn't bother getting out my photo shoot box. Hopefully I can come up with something for my standard idea soon and get this baby done.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Saga: My newest Warlord comes forth!

Two straight weekends of Conventions have left me a little worn, but over this period I've collected more stuff to add to the pile. Mmmm, feels good to have a big pile. Then reality hits and I groan at all the painting that I'll probably never get around to. But one can dream! So that said I picked up a Gripping Beast figure from my very good friend Skip. It is a replica of Kirk Douglas from the movie "The Vikings" from 1958. Great movie by the way, though at today's standards it is a bit dated. But hey Kirk "the f*&$@*% man" Douglas is in it so it is a bad ass movie!

Here are a few pics of my latest project. I am going to use him as my Warlord for the Anglo Saxons. That's right, not a Viking, besides it's Kirk Douglas he'll look cool no matter what side he leads!

Going to paint him up just like in the movie.


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Saga Fatigue Markers

Almost ready to head out to CincyCon and used that as motivation to paint up these Saxon/Viking-ish casualties from Gripping Beast. There a lot of different ways to show fatigue on units in Saga, I placed them on 40mm round bases and flocked all of the base except and area where I would place a die to represent how many fatigue a unit was at. This was so the die would lie flat. Nothing fancy but thought I would show them off.

Thanks for looking.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Showcase: Saga "Steppe Nomads"

A few weeks ago an old friend and I made a trade. I picked up these 8 painted Steppe Nomads that he had gotten in a trade with someone else. He has a whole army already and didn't need them so offered them to me. Hey how could I refuse? I have so much crap to paint it's not funny. I was pleasantly surprise when they arrived. They look pretty good. So whoever you are out there that painted these, nice job!

I received them unmounted and non-based, so the first thing I did was get my handy pin vise out and went to work drilling and then pinning the riders to their mounts. Glued them on the bases and did the flocking etc. and presto change-o! I now had 8* nicely mounted Steppe Nomads to add to my Rus Prince warband. 

So I present my Steppe Nomads:

* = Skip, Skip, Skip. What am I going to do with your sudden bad memory. 8 shooters Skip, not 12;)


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Showcase: Saga "Rus Princes", Black Hoods

I finished up my Black Hood unit for my Rus Prince Saga warband. Here is a little history about the Black Hoods who they were, and where they came from. This is a quote from a source I found by "Stephen W. Richey" and here is a link if your interested in his sources Horse Nomads 

Kimaks (or Kimeks): They were a primitive people living east of the Ural Mountains along the Irtysh or Ob Rivers. They eventually became a nomad elite who settled down to rule their lands from fortified towns:

Kipchaks (or Kipchaqs or Cumans): They were derived from the westernmost clans of the Kimaks. They retained their nomad lifestyle after the other Kimaks settled down. Migrating westward in the mid-11th Century AD, they pushed against the Oghuz Turks and occupied what had been Pecheneg lands in the Ukraine. They allied themselves with the Greek Christian Byzantine Empire to inflict a crushing defeat on the Pechenegs in 1091. They were noted for their warrior women. The Kipchaks made their first major attack on the Russians in 1061 or 1062. They made periodic raids on the Russians to obtain loot and slaves and to forestall Russian settlement on steppe grazing lands. Most of the time, a state of war existed between most Russians and most Kipchaks. Still, on occasion, some Kipchaks served as mercenaries for some Russian princes in wars against other Russian princes. The Kipchaks made repeated raids on the Byzantines and Hungarians as well as the Russians during the period 1070-1100. The Russians responded by attacking the Kipchaks in 1103, 1109, 1111, 1113, and 1116, inflicting serious damage on them. Small remnants of the Pechenegs and Oghuz who had been under Kipchak control were thus "liberated" and entered Russian service. Kipchak raids on the Russians picked up again and became annual events by the late 1160s. The Kipchaks sacked the Russian city of Kiev in 1184. The Kipchaks became defensive allies of the Russians against Genghis Khan's invading Mongols in 1223. The allied Russians and Kipchaks were badly defeated by a small advance force of Mongols at the Battle of the Kalka River in that year. The Ukrainian realm of the Kipchaks was obliterated by the Mongols of Ogedei Khan, Genghis's son and successor when the Mongols returned to the Ukraine in full force in 1239-1240. Some Kipchaks served as mercenaries for the Byzantines from the 11th to 14th Centuries. They also served as mercenaries for the Christian kings of Hungary in the 13th and 14th Centuries. The Kipchaks who remained on the Ukrainian steppe as subjects of the Mongols eventually gave a strong ethnic tint to the Mongol Golden Horde . The Russians called the Kipchaks "Polovtsians," as in the "Polovtsian Dances/Stranger in Paradise" music composed by Borodin.

Finally here are some photos of my work. The figures are "Gripping Beast" and are large 28mm figures.

As always thanks for looking!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Showcase: Infinity: Nomad... Szalamandra

I've had this model in my inventory somewhere around eight years now. Animie, robot, mecha cool looking thing that caught my attention, and of course, had me buying at a convention I was at back in the day. I had no idea what Infinity was and really didn't care cause I just wanted to open the box and look at this all so cool looking model. Yep something cool just so I could add it to my giant unpainted lead pile. It turns out that the "Szalamandra" is a TAG (Tactical Armored Gear) or a parabot where a human pilot sits in side and controls it. It has heavy armor and of course carrys heavy weapons and can move around quicker than a foot soldier.

 Fast forward to today and as you know I began painting Infinity models for the sake of actually playing Infinity. This because of my friends sudden interest in also wanting to paint some figs and play the game. All good stuff for me! So here I am with this primed but unpainted behemoth calling out to me saying, "Kevin paint me, don't buy more figures until you paint me"! Well I caught myself saying out loud "okay, okay" only to have my wife step into my paint room and ask, "did you say something honey?", .... ahem "no dear" was my reply, you must of heard me cough or something.

So I sat down and painted this little gem based off the original paintings from Corvus Bellis. It's a plain simple paint job, not a lot depth from my brush stand point, but enough to make it a nice gaming piece I think. It was overall fun to paint, but if you look at the belt fed weapon THAT was a super pain (and poorly designed) in the butt to put together. I'm not going to allow anyone to touch it for fear of it breaking off. The belt came in two pieces and I not only had to glue these together but also to the leg feed and to the weapon, which meant I had to carefully bend and shape said belt to actually go between the two in a way they would line up. On top of that you didn't have a slot to glue the ends to but a knob instead. But in the end I did it and even got a little inspired to attempt some weathering, though I could and should have done more I was ready to be done.

So I present for your viewing pleasure my humble attempt at a Szalamandra.


Cheers and thanks for looking

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Showcase: Infinity: Nomad... Reverend Healer

This is a really nice sculpt from Corvus Belli's "Operation Icestorm" set. I love the animie nun look, and the color scheme done by CB's painters. I pretty much thought I had this scheme down, but in the end it always seems to be a struggle to get it right and I almost screwed it up. Thank god I kept the paints thin so I was able to do touch ups without making it worse.

I am super impressed with how some artists are able to do smooth transitions around the face and do almost real looking eyes. I seriously am in awe because the face is so bloody small. I did my best so that will have to do for now. Doing it drove me crazy but I finally came up with something that satisfied me for time being. I wish I could get a tutor for a day to show me some secrets.

After coating it seemed to bring out some luster in the colors and that pleased me. So here she is and hope you enjoy it.