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What will you find here? Ramblings from an aging gamer-miniature painter. When I first started out in this hobby computers were in their infancy and finding other gamers could only be done by going to conventions or as in my case bumping into somebody who happened to see me reading "Panzer Leader" on the school bus. Look how far we have come! The internet has allowed our small community to be able to connect on a level I never dreamed of when I was but a small lad. What I do hope you will find here is something interesting from one wargamer/miniature painter to another. I paint miniatures somewhat decently, so I will be posting some pictures of my work, and perhaps a review or two of games and/or miniatures. Most of all this is just about having fun and anything I post here is meant to be for that reason.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Showcase: Saga Rus Princes City Militia

Got another batch done, and today I am working on the last of my Cavalry for the convention that is now less then 4 days before I have to travel. I think I am going to make it, whew. Though right now I could care less if I see another Dark Age figure for a few months!

These boys where supposed to be a mixed up bunch with assorted shields and painting. Because I screwed up ordering the wrong shield transfers I had to do a little creative selecting from Dark Age sheets and even a few from Romano Brit sheet. Also I couldn't take my usual slow sloth self time and had to cut some corners by painting the two units in a uniform manner. My way of explaining the kind of uniform appearance is that they're from a richer city that can afford to equip them well etc. Because I couldn't mix up the shields the way I wanted I decided to make them all one type for each unit. I'm stuck running them in 8 man units, but in the future I'll paint some more to match... yeah right.

Well here they are, quickly done, but I think they'll make a nice addition to the army.


....and the second group.


Thanks for looking.


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Showcase: Saga Rus Princes Druzhina

Well I finally got my Druzhina (2 points of Hearthguard and 1 point to upgrade) done for CincyCon this coming March. Shields, spears, sword/bow case, and quivers have all been attached and painted. The countdown continues and wondering if I'll complete the rest of the army in time. Working on some foot now so I have something that can go into woods and fight.

When I painted up and posted about some Frank Cavalry a bit back I complained about the spear hands being closed hand and having to drill them to place the spears. Now after having to two part epoxy the spears into open hands I can see the madness of my complaint. Now I'd much rather drill the fist and only have to add a little epoxy as opposed to the gob (which I over did in some cases) I placed on these. I painted the area black and lightly dry brushed grey around the area to try and make it blend in more.

Shield transfers are by Little Big Men studio and the rest my work. I'm showing them in two groups because of how I had to take the photo's in my little home made light box.


....and the second group.


As always thanks for looking.


Monday, February 15, 2016

Showcase: Saga Rus Princes Warlord

Well I got one piece completely ready for CincyCon this coming March. My painting speed sucks, and it didn't help that I insist on using two part epoxy to glue on the bow case, quiver, shield, and sword. This means waiting overnight for it to dry so you can handle it. I don't know if this will make them more gaming proof, but we'll see.

Any ways I hope you enjoy the pictures of this lad. I used a generic figure for my Warlord because the one Gripping Beast makes just doesn't look right in my opinion. Love all the other mounted heavies they have, but I feel they fell short with the Warlord figure. Shield is Little Big Men designs, everything else was my paint brush.

Thanks for looking

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Terrain boards for CincyCon

Today I went over to Lowes with my buddy Mark and picked up 3 sheets of 8 X 4 green board. A foam type board about 1 inch thick. We also picked up a gallon of flat latex green paint, loaded it up and drove over to his house. We cut up the boards in 3 X 4 foot sections. This gave us 6 boards that we needed to have. We had three 2 X 4 foot scrap left over and I had him cut up one of those so I could have two 2 X 2 sections for my Skirmish game Ronin. We painted the first three big boards and two little boards that we are going  to have dry over night. Then we will apply a second coat for good measure. Mark came up with the idea to use the rest of the scrap to make hills with and since he has a hot knife and more importatly done this before I thought it a great idea. Including driving to pick the stuff up it only took us a couple of hours to get as far as we got. So a pretty good time investment so far.

The idea is that if these boards work out okay is to build a frame around them and use them for other stuff in the future. Maybe spruce them up a bit to make them look fancy.

Well that's it for now.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

WIP: Saga Rus Princes

I've had to drop all projects recently to work on my Rus Princes for Saga. I am running a Saga tournament (don't ask how I ended up doing it) at CincyCon on 5th March 2016. Of course, as everything is with me, it's last minute let's get this done time. So besides trying to get boards, terrain, and other organizational stuff ready, I've got to paint the army I want to take. It's been sitting on my shelf for two years and I thought I'd just whip it out in a week. Wrong! We are talking me here. Thank god for my friends helping me out or I'd probably not be able to get all this done in time.

Well the main reason for this post is to show the work in progress for my war band. I've got 9 cav, 9 riders, and 1 foot guy ready. Not finished as I still have to place spears, shields, and bow cases (which are going to be a pain as I have to pin them in, and of course there are no holes on figure) but before I do that I am waiting for the 2 part epoxy to dry after mounting the riders. I pin them in place, but super glue just doesn't cut it with me, so I have to wait overnight. Here's what I have so far.