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What will you find here? Ramblings from an aging gamer-miniature painter. When I first started out in this hobby computers were in their infancy and finding other gamers could only be done by going to conventions or as in my case bumping into somebody who happened to see me reading "Panzer Leader" on the school bus. Look how far we have come! The internet has allowed our small community to be able to connect on a level I never dreamed of when I was but a small lad. What I do hope you will find here is something interesting from one wargamer/miniature painter to another. I paint miniatures somewhat decently, so I will be posting some pictures of my work, and perhaps a review or two of games and/or miniatures. Most of all this is just about having fun and anything I post here is meant to be for that reason.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Showcase: Infinity Imperial Agent Pheasant Rank

My paint a "new army challenge" that my local Infinity group is running is almost complete. I have to have them done by November 23rd. After this figure I will have three left. Well actually three models as two of the are remotes for the main figure. My Wife is getting her hip replaced next week, and I pray all goes well. Of course that means I will be busy taking care of her, but I expect she'll nap a few times and I can sneak the last one in before the deadline.

This figure is an Imperial Agent Pheasant Rank. Equipped with a boarding shotgun, and special abilities to take over command if my Lieutenant goes down. That in itself can be a game changer, as going into loss of Lieutenant means order tokens get whacked up.

Here are a few pictures of the finished model.

As always thanks for looking.


Thursday, October 10, 2019

Showcase: Combined Army: Onyx

Have an Infinity tournament this Saturday to play in and I am taking the Aliens! The Dark Side shall prevail!

From last Friday to today (finished) I got these models ready for my army.

[Below Bit & Kiss (Bit & Kiss is her hacker name), the youngster turned by the dark side to hack for the greater good. My favorite model]

[Below a Q-Drone, remote drone with a heavy machine gun, alien style]

[Below Unidron light droid remotes, they can be pesky]

[Below I saved the best for last, the dark one rises from the ashes. Kind of like a modern day Balrog]

As always thanks for looking.